Our servers sit on high powered dedicated machines to ensure you have the best playtime possible! Welcome on the dayz server list.

Mydayz Update New Trading Zonesvehicles Code Lock Is Back – Mydayz

The server is quite affordable and is available in different continents apart from africa and antarctica.

Best dayz servers with traders. Our top pick for a dayz server hosting: Come and enjoy a true rp server unlike any other found in the xb1 community. Endzone and a few others do it well with the traders.

Wasteland rangers eu#1 deer isle |pve/pvp|traders|gold. Serverowners can configure the tradercitys, safezones and items. Rank #26 player count 107/110 address (game port) (query port) status online distance 7293 km country uptime

Rearmed us2 | deer isle 119/120 War dayz expansion|pvevp|missions|loot+|weapons+|traders|atms 12/30 Adding a new economy that encourages you to buy and sell new items is a great way to freshen up gameplay and add.

Find all the best multiplayer servers for dayz. I play on first person servers that only have traders that sell basic shit. If we have it we can barter a trade, prices are usually biased to the player getting the better deal.

Daytopia is a completely new server that is working on changing the way dayz currently is played. [xbox|playstation] quarantine dayz | faction wars | new custom areas/mili zones! The server is based in usa east but we have members from all around the world!

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Last i checked they just had the base standalone weapons and supplies at the safe zone with the black market being for the big boys. Join the alpha 6 dayz server. No vaseline dayz banov|roaming ai and limited traders.

Rearmed us main 119/120 The standard currency is the ruble item. Our server is a player ran trader.

You walk up with stuff you would like to trader, we have a little trade window at lopatino castle ( no safe zone ) and ask for whatever you could want. Alpha6 is a new dayz server. This mod brings ai trader, tradercitys and safezones to dayz!

| trader | 2500+ members fresh wiped for 1.15 with thousands of custom placed objects, brand new military zones and buildings, unreleased items, revamped rules and a new safe zone complete with a trader, casino and arena, come check out the xbox 70 slot qdayz faction wars server. Be sure to join our discord! Gotta play on some good servers like endzone that limit the items you can buy to just things that let you survive and building materials.

Quarantine dayz | faction wars | trader | qdayz.com | discord.gg/qdayz the original server for quarantine dayz with a community of over 2500 members, faction wars is home to a carefully thought out system of rules that revolve around officially registered factions competing in a season long event. (game port) (query port) status. (game port) (query port) status.

Come check us out whether your solo or with friends. You can only buy things the un has looted and has for sale. We aim to provide the best quality server possible.

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You can buy and sell items at the tradercitys or just relax at the safezones. Gtxgaming servers our team of experts has chosen the gtxgaming as the best dayz server hosting. We strive to always put our community first and build together rather than alone.

Resident evil | hardcore | pvp. Tkk dayz is a pvp 3pp server with helpful staff, a great list of mods and friendly community that just wants to have fun! Sometimes the rinse repeat cycle of dayz's survive, scavenge, and shoot zombies gets a little tiring.

If you are looking for your next dayz adventure, join us today!

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